How It Works

Register and Login to Your Account

To enjoy our services, you shall first create an account with us. Please register an account with Inout Blockchain FiatExchanger following the below link. If you have already registered an account, please login to your account to start buying/selling/trading cryptocurrencies.

Get Your Account Verified

Creating an account allows you to deposit your fiat money as well as cryptocurrencies to your account and start trading. Anyway your money/cryptocurrencies withdrawal may still be disabled/limited, until you get your account verified. If you would like to lift the withdrawal limit, you shall get your account verified. Once you login, you can apply for basic/advanced verification to lift your withdrawal limits.

Add Fiat Money/Cryptocurrencies to Your Account

You can easily deposit your cryptocurrencies sending bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to the corresponding wallet address generated inside your account. Additionally, if you would like to deposit your fiat money for buying cryptocurrencies, you may deposit the fiat money using the supported payment gateways facilitated by us.

Buy/Sell/Trade Cryptocurrencies

Once you have added money or cryptocurrencies to your account, you can use it to buy/sell/trade/exchange cryptocurrencies. Our premium exchange platform allows you to easily manage your trading related activities.

Withdraw As and When Needed

Once your account is verified, you are free to withdraw your fiat money and cryptocurrencies in your account. You can raise a withdrawal request from your account, and the money/cryptocurrencies will be soon sent to your preferred withdrawal mode.